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NeuroRestorative’s Employee Inclusion Council

The Inclusion Council was formed in February 2022 and comprises team members and leaders throughout our organization who are committed to promoting diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB) in the workplace for their teams and the company.

By sharing their knowledge and unique viewpoints, council members help to create workplaces where people from all backgrounds and experiences feel welcome and valued, bringing our Inclusion value to life through our mission: Every employee should have a career experience that makes them feel seen, heard, and valued.

We are committed to fostering diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging in our organization so team members feel confident in advocating for themselves and others, are equipped to grow and thrive, and feel supported on their professional journey. Out of this mission, the Inclusion Council has fostered employee engagement through state-level Inclusion.

Committees and Employee Resource Groups:
• Inclusion Committees represent all organizational team members who live and work in their state on matters of DEIB. Their purpose is to bring the mission of the Council to life in their local programs and teams through activities and outreach that fit the needs of team members in their state.

• Employee Resource Groups are national associations of team members with a shared experience or identity – such as military background, professional path, ethnicity, or sexual and gender orientation. These groups help people connect with others who can understand and relate to their experience. They also provide a channel for peer-to-peer learning at the personal and organizational levels.

There are countless intersections of identity and experience among our 40,000 team members and the 55,000 individuals in our programs. We care for people with disabilities and we also have many team members who themselves have disabilities. We have military veterans in our programs and we also employ many military veterans and family members of active and retired military personnel. We have LGBTQ+ team members and members of our programs. We are all part of NeuroRestorative, a part of the Sevita family.

Quality and continuity of care are crucial to our mission, and engaged, effective employees are central to these outcomes. In an environment where our primary focus is on the individual receiving our care and some of our employees rarely go into an offi ce, our Inclusion Council, Committees, and ERGs help our team members connect with each other in new and meaningful ways, where their experience as professionals and as people gets to be the main focus, fostering a sense of inclusion, belonging, and shared purpose.