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NeuroRestorative’s Neurobehavioral Program

Our neurobehavioral programs specialize in helping individuals with brain injury or other neurological challenges learn practical and effective self-management strategies. These strategies allow people to better manage their behaviors, emotions and reactions to everyday situations through positive behavior supports and targeted, pro-social behavioral changes. We provide:

• Outcome-driven treatment planning aimed at pro-social behavior
• Least restrictive treatment settings
• Individualized programming and treatment plans
• Varying levels of structure and staff assistance
• Opportunities for increased levels of independence
• Experienced treatment teams skilled in de-escalation techniques and crisis intervention
• Individual and family counseling
• A staff of clinicians and specialists skilled in positive behavior support
• Securable environments for ultra-high-risk behaviors
• Thorough assessments to identify when negative behaviors are occurring, how often, and what purpose they serve

When an individual demonstrates behavior changes resulting from an injury, illness or other challenge, it can have a significant impact on their treatment or other support they receive. At NeuroRestorative, we integrate behavior support into the individual’s overall plan of care. This unified approach ensures that all challenges are addressed in a timely and appropriate manner during the rehabilitation process, increasing the potential for success and generalization into the community.

Our neurobehavioral support system meets an individual’s support needs based on the unique form, frequency and magnitude of their behavioral dyscontrol. Depending on each individual’s needs, support may involve a wide range of services aimed at treating agitation, impulsivity, irritability, novel problem-solving, dual diagnosis, grief and adjustment, pain, and substance use disorders.