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Our Impact: Including Culture and Diversity in Our Programs

At NeuroRestorative, we believe that recovery from brain, spinal cord and medically complex injuries, illnesses and other challenges is a process, and we have developed an effective and flexible continuum of subacute and post-acute care and support services that helps guide individuals through their rehabilitative journey no matter their challenges, background, or language.

As Specialists in rehabilitation, the NeuroRestorative treatment team is focused on empowering individuals to achieve their potential through a continuum of outcome-driven, community-based rehabilitation programs and specialized supports, which include their first language, culture, military status, gender, and beliefs. As a member of the Sevita family, we share the values of respect, opportunity, and community.

Including cultural influences and beliefs into an individual’s rehabilitation journey positively impacts how people think and feel about their health and health challenges, positively responding to lifestyle changes, feeling respected and being comfortable with the team members providing care. Each member of our rehabilitation team brings a specific set of skills, and collectively they provide an array of quality services and compassionate care for the individuals we support and their families. Our supports and services include:
• Neurorehabilitation
• Positive Behavioral Supports
• OT, PT, Speech Therapy
• Cognitive Therapy
• Educational Support & Schooling
• Family Education & Training
• Counseling
• Telehealth Services
• Day Programs
• Pediatric Care
• Vocational Programs
• Health & Wellness Management