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Pet Therapy Program Helps Support Students at our NeuroRestorative Academy

NeuroRestorative Academy provides a supportive academic environment where students feel included, proud and comfortable with who they are, preparing them for who they will become. Having a dog therapy program helps provide physical stimulation and assist with mental and physical pain management. In addition, it gives students greater self-esteem and focused interaction with their classmates and teachers.

Aga Wojtowicz, MA, CCC-SLP, QBISP, Speech-Language Pathologist, has worked with MAST Therapy Dogs since 2020, which has worked with our programs to allow dogs to visit our program every other week. The dogs have to undergo rigorous training before being accepted into the program. “The dogs are an integral part of our program and an important part of our students’ lives,” said Aga. “I get asked several times a week when the dogs are visiting. As a result, they are learning skills such as compassion, patience, and improving morale and mental well-being.”

Not only do our students enjoy hanging out with the dogs, but so does our staff. The dogs allow our students to feel supported and loved in a way they may not have felt before. “This deeper bond awakens the innocence, the spontaneity, and the open-heartedness in both the individuals and the staff,” said Tim Thomas, Special Education Teacher. More inside on our NeuroRestorative Academy.