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Success Stories

Putting Marie First: NeuroRestorative Provides Care to Marie and Her Family From Puerto Rico

Marie, 24, from Puerto Rico, joined our NeuroRestorative Sarasota, Florida, program in April 2023. After struggling with behavioral challenges, outbursts, and physical self-harm at home, Marie’s family knew it was best to have Marie live in an environment that specialized in providing care in a person-centered culture with robust clinical teams and therapeutic environments that would provide Marie with the skills needed to learn and grow. Although it was a hard decision to place Marie in a program that is not close to home, they are able to visit her every month.

“It was not an easy decision. It was an awful decision and very hard, but it is necessary. We needed to put her first and fight for her. We are still able to visit her every month. We are always thinking of her and talking with the staff and getting updates,” said Marie’s mother, Joyce.

Marie is involved in Occupational, Speech, and Behavioral Therapy. Marie’s first language is Spanish and our team makes it a priority to ensure Marie is comfortable and happy in her group home, including having Spanish-speaking therapists and including cultural influences in daily activities like listening to Spanish music, playing with dolls, enjoying the outdoors, especially the swings, cooking food that reminds her of home, or watching Spanish cartoon’s like Pocoyo, which is one of Marie’s favorites. Marie has made huge strides and is able to successfully attend community events, which she didn’t initially favor upon joining the program.

“Marie, or Marí as I call her, has made amazing progress over the past few months. She has been able to communicate her needs and wants more effectively, which has led to more desirable and safe behaviors. Marí has improved her English language, which has helped her socialize with others,” said Michele Lubrano, Case Manager at NeuroRestorative. “Being bilingual in English and Spanish, I have established a special bond with Marí. We can spend one-on-one time and get to know each other, building mutual respect for one another. I look forward to seeing what the future holds for her because I know she has great potential.”

Joyce is an advocate for the Autism community. As Co-founder and Executive Director of a public charity named Autism Alliance of Puerto Rico (, she and her organization are passionate about spreading awareness, fundraising through awareness shirts and accessories, helping families in Puerto Rico and sharing their daughter’s story. Marie has an incredible support system, and we are proud to be a part of her journey to independence.

Success Stories