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Team Member Highlight: Jose Rucobo, Case Manager

Jose Rucobo, MPA, CCHW/I, MHFA, Case Manager at our NeuroRestorative El Paso, TX, program, is a proud El Paso resident. Jose became interested in a career at NeuroRestorative because of his passion and background in case management. In his role, Jose’s duties include working closely with the family and navigating the complexities of insurance and authorizations. In addition, he coordinates care from admission to discharge, identifies vital community resources, assists with referrals, and, most importantly, advocates for individuals and their families. “What truly energizes me about my work is the comprehensive journey I take with each individual’s family,” said Jose.

As a native Spanish speaker, Jose has the ability to speak and communicate directly with Spanish-speaking individuals, establishing connection, trust, and cultural understanding. We are able to see the influence this has on making healthcare more accessible and welcoming, preventing health disparities, and ensuring our teams/departments are making sure every person receives the care and support they need. “Our efforts to provide culturally appropriate care extend to all people, regardless of their language preference. Every person deserves to feel understood, respected, and valued in their healthcare journey,” said Jose. “Our commitment to language inclusivity is just one way we strive to meet this goal, ensuring that every person receives the highest quality of care.”

We are lucky to have such dedicated team members, like Jose, who recognize the importance of including cultural traditions, activities, holidays, and so much more into each individual’s routine, making their time with us not just healing but also familiar and comforting. Some examples may include visits from priests, familiar foods, BINGO, karaoke in different languages, and so much more. Thank you, Jose, for all you do to help those we serve and their families!