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Success Stories

Team Member Highlight: Melodey Glick, LVN, Nurse Supervisor, NeuroRestorative Texas

Melodey worked in restaurants as a general manager at the beginning of her career. After deciding she wanted a change in career path, she went to school to become a nurse. In 2016, she started her career as a Licensed Vocational Nurse (LVN) in a Skilled Nursing Facility as a floor nurse for a year. Shortly after, she became a wound care nurse, which she enjoyed. After a few years of working at various other clinics, Melodey worked at an orthopedic clinic prior to working at our NeuroRestorative Texas, Round Rock, program and then transferred to our behavioral unit at our Austin, TX, program.

After a few months, Melodey was asked to work full-time at NeuroRestorative. Realizing she enjoyed the behavioral unit, she said yes and has now been with NeuroRestorative for three years and in her current role as Nurse Supervisor for one year. In her role as Nurse Supervisor, Melodey wears many different hats. Although her day mostly revolves around nursing duties, she also maintains contact with doctors and family members, scanning and filling out paperwork, doing in-service plans, or collaborating with the team on the right supports and services for each individual.

Although working with individuals with behavioral dyscontrol has its challenges, Melodey and her team are dedicated to helping people strive, reach their goals, and celebrate milestones, big or small. In addition, including family members in the care plan, decisions, and acknowledgments along the way.

“When an individual in our care has a behavioral problem, big or small, the family or caretaker needs to understand that person is going through dramatic changes on the broadest spectrum. They have to learn to be the best version of themselves all over again. And it takes time. They may not always fully recover, but our goal is to help them get as close to normalcy and independence as we possibly can,” said Melodey. “That requires patience, persistence, and hard work. We ask that family work as part of the team. Be the encouragement and the strength the individual needs to push on. Family and friends are vital tools of the trade as well.”

“I thoroughly enjoy my position. It gives me the opportunity to grow as a mom, sister, friend, teacher, nurse, therapist,” said Melodey. Melodey is currently continuing her education to become a Registered Nurse. Outside of work, she enjoys spending time with her dog and husband, watching movies, and decorating her house.

At NeuroRestorative, we are lucky to have dedicated team members like Melodey, who go above and beyond to care for those we serve and their families.

Success Stories