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Subacute Outcomes

The NeuroRestorative Subacute Programs focus on improvement in daily living skills to increase independence and safety for the person served. Our research has demonstrated that activities of daily living contribute substantially to helping people improve to a level that supports their successful return to home. Our Subacute Programs use the Activities of Daily Living (ADL) Index to measure functional skills including details of Bed Mobility, Transfers, Eating, and Toileting performance.

The ADL Index uses a 5 point scale ranging from 0 (Independent) to 4 (Total Dependence). The index score ranges from 16 to 4 showing a reduction in scores, meaning that a person changes from dependent to independent. The current data also shows a trend from 2021 to 2023 indicating that individuals served admitted to our programs with greater impairment in 2023, requiring greater intensity of medical and rehabilitative supports and services to achieve these meaningful gains.  Gains made represent an increase in independence.   NeuroRestorative’s Subacute programs are located in California, Colorado, Nevada, and Utah.