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Subacute Medically Complex Supports

To help individuals with medically complex needs begin their recovery, in some communities we offer 24/7 subacute care that supports each individuals’ outcome goal or transition from the hospital ICU back to home. Our programs for individuals with medically complex needs offer:

  • Ventilator nursing care, including weaning patients with pulmonary illnesses from a ventilator and/or tracheostomy
  • Support for neuromuscular disorders
  • Support for congenital anomalies that affect everything from vital organs to spinal malformations
  • Spinal cord rehabilitation and brain injury care
  • Major orthopedic injury
  • Complex wound care
  • Complex cardiac (LVAD) care
  • Complex pulmonary care

With subacute programs in California, Arizona, Nevada, Colorado, and Utah, our commitment to delivering high-quality rehabilitation is the focus of everything we do, providing the foundation to help individuals recover and restore hope to families.